The Four Elements by SIMAFRA





Fire, Water, Air and Earth are the essential energy forces that sustain life and govern human beings.
The four elements manifest themselves around and within the existence of the individual because they are themselves the foundation of our life. From the air we breathe to the earth beneath our feet, from the water we drink to the warming of the sun, each element is vital to our existence. Without just one of them, all life on the planet would cease to exist.
By connecting to them and understanding their presence in us, we become aware of their connection with nature, its ecosystem and our relationship with the entire life cycle. Each breath of air brings greater awareness of our physical presence on earth, while the light and warming of the sun give greater splendor to our existence that evolves continuously as the fluid flow of water.
Simafra experiences each element as a unique journey in the life cycle of nature, recreating four spheres, one for each element, to recall the ecosystem of the universe in a perfect balance. Four spheres in a perfect balance allow the observer to stop time and look back at nature to find himself. Only in this way does he become aware of his life cycle and is ready to look ahead. 

Contemporary artist Riccardo Prosperi in art SIMAFRA, is a young Florentine artist. Simafra's works are present in national and international private collections, exhibited in galleries all over the world (Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Rome, Beirut, Florence, etc.). . He is one of the most famous rising stars of the contemporary scene and his works are rich in colors bathed in gold. 

An award-winning artist, Simafra at the age of 32 was selected as one of the leading artists of the prestigious Maddox Gallery, which represents Simafra in England, Europe and the United States.
Riccardo Prosperi in art SIMAFRA and his contemporary art for Dedalica.


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