Dedalica embraces the flair of Savio Firmino and starts a unique partnership. Both tell the story of the desire to innovate, to discover and to narrate innovative design.

Full Range-Savio Firmino

Dedalica proposes an exclusive decoration characterized by the cast of natural leaves such as Begonia on the spherical terracotta surface. A complex workmanship of the detail able to exalt, with the firing process, the veins and the irregularity of the shape of the leaves. 

The cast of the leaves on the terracotta surface is decorated by Savio Firmino's mastery through 24k gold leaf finishes, while the iron covers of the audio speakers are finished in Brass. A support base for the audio diffusers developed entirely in wood by Savio Firmino finally provides anchorage for the acoustic diffusers but also allows the addressing of the spheres for an optimal rendering of the acoustic diffusion.

Each product has its own history and singular expression: each hand, every leaf and its veins, each cooking gives life to

A unique and unrepeatable product

Zefira – Savio Firmino

Dedalica proposes a special edition of the model Zefira, born from the union with Savio Firmino that embellishes its shape with the grafting of a pine cone. The Pine Cone alludes to the highest degree of spiritual enlightenment possible, hence to the deepest wisdom and knowledge.